Mila Blue and White Porcelain Vase

  • Elegant ball shape blue and white vase, a timeless home decor classic for any interior

  • Vase's generous size ideal for flower bouquets

  • Traditional Delft blue home decor vase design crafted by renowned Dutch artists

This elegant ball shape porcelain vase is a modern version of the traditional Delft blue flower vases. Delft blue pottery and home decor is admired by many, from lovers of hand painting to design enthusiasts. The exuberant painting of lush flowers give the Mila blue and white porcelain vase a modern and cheerful look.  Mila is a timeless, ornamental classic home accessory for any interior and perfect choice for a special gift.

Product Details

Materials: ceramic
Colour: white/blue
Size: 19 cm W x 20 cm H
Weight: 1000 g
Brand: Heinen Delfts Blauw
Made in Netherlands


Care Information

  • glazed ceramic, waterproof
  • Clean with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly before refilling


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