Rebottled Recycled Glass Tumblers Pack of 2


Our Favourite Features

  • Super stylish drinking glasses
  • Make a statement for a circular economy with a recycled glass tumblers
  • High quality glassware product made from recycled bottles

Super stylish drinking glasses make a statement for a circular economy. It is obvious to throw things away, but we have to challenge ourselves to see what else we can do with waste. In this way we ensure that our planet is depleted as little as possible with all its raw materials. Rebottled recycled glass tumblers show how you can make high-quality products from empty bottles. The drinking glasses are comfortable in your hand, have a smooth finish and are ideal for your favourite drink. So toast next time with a Rebottled glass tumblers!

Product Details

Materials: 100% upcycled glass,

Packed in plastic-free, Recycled FSC carton

Colour: olive, ruby

Size: 7.5cm W x 11cm H, 300ml

2 tumblers per pack

Weight: 500 g

Brand: Rebottled

Made in Netherlands

Care Information

  • Dishwasher safe


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