Riedel Performance Optic Crystal Champagne Glasses

  • Simply elegant crystal champagne glass with a visually pleasing light optic impact for better aromatics

  • Perfect glass for developing champagne’s complex characteristics

  • Premium machine-made crystal glass and dishwasher safe

The Champagne Glass is perfect for developing champagne’s complex characteristics, this glass allows the wide range of aromatics to unfold. Unlike a flute, the egg-shaped design allows the complex layers to grow and intensify, and the larger rim diameter enables them to be released in a way which is not achieved with a narrow glass. The glass also includes a 'sparkling point' to aid the formation of the Champagne bubbles.

RIEDEL Performance is a technologically advanced and user-friendly collection of grape varietal specific glass and the first wine glass series ever to feature bowls with a light optic impact. Performance’s unique optic impact not only adds pleasing visual aspect to the bowl, but also increases the inner surface area, allowing the wine to open up and to highlight every aroma and subtle nuance. 

Perfect for Champagne, Beerenauslese, Dessertwine, Sparkling Wine, Cava, Franciacorta, Jurançon moelleux, Sekt, Blanc de Blancs, Trockenbeerenauslese, Ausbruch, Vin Santo, Ice wine, Recioto di Soave, Prosecco, Sauternes, Monbazillac.

This pack contains 2 crystal champagne glasses.

Materials and Features

Materials: Crystal
Size: 24.5 cm H
Volume 375 ml
Brand: Riedel.
Riedel is known for the creation and development of grape varietal-specific stemware. RIEDEL Crystal was the first in history to recognize that the taste and aroma of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel from which it is consumed, and has been recognized for its revolutionary designs complementing alcoholic beverages and other drinks.
Founded in 1756 and pioneering grape varietal-specific stemware since 1958, RIEDEL has become the brand of choice for wine connoisseurs and drink specialists, hospitality professionals and consumers globally.
Made in Austria

Care Information
Premium machine-made and dishwasher safe.

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